Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the rescue

april 25th
the rescue.
kicked major ass. it was amazing, hot indies, EVERYWHERE. and everyone there was soo amazingly awesome. I had the best time ever there.

im in there, you just can't see me because of the lighting, but I'm in there like the entire time, they taped our circle (among others) dancing!

mm-mmmm, and hunter, hunter was a beautiful god man boy who was too beautiful for words, and both em and I aggreed, "we would so do him if he asked" like seriously? if he wanted to fuck me right then and there in that sweaty crowd of dancers, I would, I would rip off my clothes and just fuck his brains out, not lyin. even if he wanted to do it on the stage, I would. "fuck stage fright, I'M HAVING SEX WITH HUNTER" is what I'd think to myself.


  1. AHHHH lol that was. THE BEST. Night of my life. I don't know about you (that's a lie, I do.), but if Hunter would have wanted to do it right then and there, on camera, I sooooo would have!

  2. same! god! yes! mmm- sooo delicious

  3. haha ohh my god, there is no end to how yummy he was!
    and I love the update on this entry, I'm pretty sure that tribute to Hunter, the "beautiful god man boy" is new.

  4. it IS new, thanks for noticing, lol