Wednesday, April 29, 2009

this summer

This summer, I'm going to be hanging downtown, walking around, shopping, at six flags with Ciara. whatever. I'll be doing something. maybe I'll go have a cup of tea at Tres Jolie. and perhaps... get a new boyfriend. I've been single long enough. like seriously, its been... since december so 5 months?
oh, actually, thats not that long. but I want a new one anyways.

so that may change my plans, I could walk around downtown WITH my new boyfriend. licking the melting ice cream off his fingers underneath the scorching hot sun, leaning against a tree and catching a break from the heat. holding his hands, my sticky fingers (from the ice cream! don't be gross!) intertwined with his. talking and laughing and singing.

if only.
I better get to work. only 20 something more days of school left.

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