Wednesday, June 10, 2009


sneak was a possible answer on my physical science final. all the possible answers were

a) creep c) mudslide

b) sneak d) landslide

I got that answer right.
well, anywayzies, last time I snuck out at night sort of got me into deep shit. well, I mean, I didn;t get caught or anything. I just got in trouble with. myself? if that makes any sense at all.

well what happened was that emily slept over at my house that night and we decided to sneak out with Xaiver (fyi, he's and ex boyfriend who I still had feelings for at the time of this... shinanigan.) so at around midnight we sneak out and head over to the elementary school near my house. and THIS is where the story gets... juicy. for lack of a better description.

the night was young, and so were we. (I'm sorry, there is no way I could've held a straight face while typing that.) we climbed up the monkey bars and I was totally stoked about the fact that I could reach the top of the bars without standing on my tippy-toes. so were on the top of the bars, and I TOTALLY wanna get with Xiaver at this point, and he's just laying there, looking amazing. like, my mind seriously blocked out everything from my senses excpet his body and his, oh god, could it be? cologne. sooo sexy. I tried as hard as I could to get closer and closer to him, but those damn monkey bars were soo effing uncomfortable. finally we got down from the monkey bars and hung out on the swings.(emily: your'e a saint and thank goodness you were there.) I sat on top of xaiver, my legs were wrapped around his waist. (god, I sound like such a skank) and emily has on her own swing. (and emily, believe me babe, I could tell you were lonely, and don't worry, we'll dress ourselves up and go on a man hunt.) we all kid around, talking about "that time of night" when he starts swinging, I swear, I would never gice HIM a lap dance, mostly because the poor boy couldn't handle it, but he started swinging and it totally felt like I WAS giving him one and then (sorry I didn't tell you about this yet emily) BOING. yes. boing. he, indeed, get an erection. and indeed, I did feel it on my thigh, through his boxers, his sweats, my sweats, my skimpy underwear. I felt it. at first I was like "are you kidding me? god! gross! ew!" and then I was sort of flattered. I mean, he couldnt even keep that in his pants if I'm on top of him? huh, he must really think I'm pretty. cool beans mann. and then I was sort of over it. After that we hung out on the playground, where we took our pants off, and I mean EVERYONE took thier pants off. emily, me, and xaiver. but there is a short story behind this. I went down a slide, unaware of the fact that it was soaking wet from the past four + showers we've been having. my sweats were soaked and so I took off my pants. no big deal. oh yeah, I also made-out with him. for less than 2 seconds because I pulled away because it felt extremely gross and awkward.

crazy night= great realization/epiphany.
I do not like xaiver. he's definitely not my type. I mean, I hate to say this, but I'm a lot smarter than him. and thats a huge turn off. I mean, he's in a fucking "applied reading" class (whatever its called) and yes, I do have standards. its really horrible to say, I know, but its true. I LOVE nerds, I LOVE hearing a guy talk about literature and astronomy and the history of africa. I love it. its so sexy. and second of all, he is NOT that cute, I mean, he looks like a ten-year-old. that probably made me seem like a phedophile. im not, if anything, I like boys who are older than me. and thirdly, he doesn't think weed is a drug. enough said.

so I regret most of what happened last night, the panties, the making out, the boner. all of it. I don't like him, and I dont want to date him.
but I would have never figured out my true feelings for him if I didn't do all of that in the first place.


  1. That was a crazy fun night. and thank you now for telling me about Xaviers privates becoming hard. lmao XD I love youuu girl

  2. Ewww, gross! Are you fucking six years old? Funny you should call him stupid while your extra chromosome placed you in summer school. dAR!