Sunday, July 12, 2009


lately I've been feeling really empty, and really, really lonely. I know it sounds cheesy to say it, but its true. I think its the fact that I haven't been with a decent guy since, I can't even remember, sure, I've been with plenty of guys recently, just none of them were decent, 2 out of 3 asked for nude pics before we even went on a date, and the other one, my ex-boyfriend, got what he wanted, didn't quite give me what I wanted, and then asked out his other ex. whatever.

I haven't totally lost hope yet though, I've been seeing some really cute guys around, I mean REALLY extraordinarily adorable. like just the other day, me and emsie were at borders, looking for cd's, and we see this adorable guy wearing a graphic tee under a button down shirt, black hair, blue green eyes (beautiful, blue green eyes) and he's super tan. he's one of those lanky kids, the ones that look really good in guys clothing because they have a somewhat womanly figure. you know exactly what I'm talking about. don't even try to disguise it. there was another guy in urban (of course, there always is) and he was even cutier than the cd collection kid. he had a button down too, corduroys, and 3D glasses. yeah, need I say more?

places to find guys:

1. bookstores, if the bookstore has a CD section, go there first, if not, hit up the cafe, theres almost always some adorably shy sensitive guy sipping away at his chai gobi blossom tea, uploading some handmade prints on etsy. even the guy who works at the cafe! trust me, I know from experience, those cafe boys can be extremely witty and friendly. just don't hit up the cafe part if it happens to be a starbucks. starbucks is for assholes. and I don't think you want to be dating another asshole, do you?

2. music store! if theres an indie section, RUN to it! thats where the cute guys are! and I know that everyone thinks that indie guys are stuck up and think they're just the bees-knees, well 1) THEY ARE. DUH. and 2) you can pretty much tell right off the bat if they're assholes, especially in a music store, heres how to check, if he starts blabbing about how he only listin to indie music because its the only kind of music thats worth listening to besides his, LEAVE. because first of all, indie really isn't even a genre, I mean, you could have a classical orchastra be an indie group, and then you could have an indie hip hop group. indie stands for independent, not "slow bass with quick thumpy electric guitar mixed in with some synth and squeaky shitty-on-purpose vocals" OKAY!??

3.the pool. if I have to explain this to you, your seriously fucked up in the membrane, okay? lifegaurd + creepy boys harrasing you + lifegaurd kicks harrasing boys out = he's so in there, and by "there" I mean, YOU.

love you.


  1. Good post..!

  2. I totally agree.I have had a horrible experience with guys.there just pigs.Most of them arent looking for the relationship girls want,they just wanna see you naked.But who knows,the nature of guys isnt complex.And i agree when ever i go to Urban Outfitters(just about every day)there is like a million hott guys there.But you will find the right guy where you least expect it.

    ----abby----- :)