Tuesday, July 7, 2009

remember apple boy? jason/jeared whatever the fuck his name was? yeah. well guess what... he wanted nude pics.
agh! why does every adorably gorgeous guy I meet want pictures? is that like "in" now?
because if it is, I think I'll just be a nerd.

list of things I would never do for a guy:
1. send nude pics, he wants to see me naked? fine, lets date for a couple of months and have sex, then you can see me naked. or get me drunk, but good luck with that, because I don't drink (don't wanna end up like my daddy)

2. take it up the butt. nasty. and OUCH. like. OWWW. that would freaking hurt! girls have seperate holes for seperate things. okay? yeah. okay.

3. blow job... I don't really wanna stick a dudes penis in my mouth. that DOES NOT sound like fun for me. you know what? I'm a lady, I don't need to be gettin' on mah knees and doing that for you. you should be doing that for ME. because I'm a motherfucking lady! thats right! its my needs before yours! so shut the hell up and get down there! lol. sorry.

4. phone sex? yeah, what the hell? thats just weird. or when u text them dirty stuff like "I'm sitting in my room naked, thinking about you" I'm SERIOUS. my gay friend, Austin, got a text like that and he was like "what the hell?" like if you wanna look creepy or funny, sure, leave a text like that, but don't expect the same thing from me. I'M A LADY. bitch.

5. pee? thats the grossiest, nastiest, most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. WHO THE HELL?I think if a guy wanted to do that, I would never talk to him again. thats nasty. only whores do that shit. ew.

sorry for all the cussing. :)

so anyways, on the 4th, I went to a blues traveler concert, they had like 3 opening acts and all of them fucking rocked, 2 comedians, the first one was okay, but guess who the second comedian was? LEWIS MOTHER FUCKING BLACK!!!! he was funny as hell! I love him. great times, and the opening band was black joe lewis and the honey bears, and let me tell you, those guys are fucking HOT. they're music is great to dance to! and the drummer and guitarist are fucking insanely sexy! agh! I just about died. and my mom met the guitarist's mom in the bathroom! yeah. look 'em up. because they kicked ass. and as for blues traveler? they were aight, just not my type. well.. I dunno. they get boring after a while. but it was fun!

and tonight I'm going back to red rocks to see Jaws, yes, thats right, I'm gonna see that scary freaking shark movie at red rocks. and hopefully emily will turn on her fucking phone and text me back and say that she can fucking go!!!!


  1. whoah there alexxx.

    this is def. your best entry so far. and the whole "I'm sitting naked in my room thinking about you" thing..
    austin didn't receive that text. He sent it, courtesy of moi. lmao. fun day.

  2. nuh uh. he got that text! I 'member.

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