Thursday, July 2, 2009

first off. today alone was enough crazy-ness to last me a whole year.

so earlier this week I had a complete melt down about where I am in my life and how deep in this hole I am and if I can ever get out. so of course, naturally, I sobbed, screamed into my pillow, freaked out, had a panic attack, rushed into the bathroom, grabbed a toothbrush, shoved it down my throat, didn't throw up, went back to my room, cried, told emily what was going on, had suicidal thoughts, threw up, went on the computer, took about twenty useless quizzes, got off, cried, thought about killing myself, decided not to, and went to sleep.

the next morning I felt a million times better and went to work. borring borring borring (fast forward to today) today at the office there was a super hot guy there and lisa was like "do you need to make another appointment?" he says "nah, I'm, good" and he starts to leave. Lisa looks at me and says "ohmygod, he is soooooo hot!" he turns around and winks at her. Lisa pulls up his file and whatsthis!? he has TWO STD'S!? yep. turns out he does. after lunch the phones ring like crazy. I mean CRAZY. every line is on hold and its madness. I was supposed to clock out that 2:30pm, but they were so busy I had to keep working till 3pm. I come home, check my e-mail, because when I went camping this boat full of drunk 20 year old guys asked us to take some pictures of them and send it to them. so I did. and I was sort of expecting a reply. what do I get?
this e-mail:
YARRRRGH back. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING THOSE! we all got a laugh out of them & they came out great, good memory with my e-mail also. We will be there all day on the 4th of July if you want a free lunch on us. thanks again lol - Trevor

he fucking asked out me and emily on a fucking date. EW. WEIRD. how old does he think we are!? what the hell!? lol. crazyness. and tonight I'm most likely gonna sleep over at emily's place and have a lot of fucking fun.

sorry. that was a lame ass post...


  1. DUDE
    hahahahahah ohhh my goodness that's freakin hilarous!!!

  2. (the thing about our pirate friends, not really the first part, that's not funny)