Saturday, July 4, 2009

let's MAC-out

ooh lala! se magnifique!
today was the paris street market at aspen grove, where they sell adorable vintage furniture and clothing and things. I quickly browsed the market, but didn't find anything I needed, so I walked into the apple store to browse around, as soon as I walk in, I catch the eye of this totally gorg guy who looks about 17. he smiles to me and says "hey there! anything I can help you with?" I smile back, forgetting I still have fucking braces, and say "oh, nah, I'm just browsing, well actually, I was looking for maybe a cover for my ipod? where would that be?" and HE just being SO adorable and SO GORGEOUS smiles AGAIN and leads me to this enormous wall of stuff for your ipod. I pretend to look for something and occasionally look back to see where he is. he's helping some old lady. damn. I wait a bit and decide theres no way I'll talk to him again. I start to walk out and BAM. he's there. he smiles (yet again...) and is like "oh! hey, are you leaving?" I'm like, "yeah, didn't find the color I was looking for, thanks for helping though) and hes all "oh, well I was kinda wondering if I could possibly get your number?" and inside I did a dance. I said "sure" and wrote my cell number on an apple card and gave it to him. he says thanks and I leave.

I stopped in gap (don't laugh) because I needed.... I don't even really know. but I went in there and found myself in the underwear section and suddenly realized oh shit, I don't own a thong! its true. I myself could not believe it. I grabbed some ordinary beige and white and blue ones. size medium, AND small, if you must know. and tried them on. and you probably already know this but, bringing five pairs of JUST underwear into the changing room is pretty fucking emmbarrasing. like "oh hello, I have just five items OF THONGS" yeah. exactly. whatever, I try them on, thinking they'ed prolly fit like a charm and I'd look super sexy in them. and WHATTHEFUCK. they look huge. and they crawl up your back. like I think if i stretched the 'leg holes' (i have no idea what to call those) and stuck my arms through them. they'd fit normally. like REALLY. so I went back and looked for a smaller size. I found one x-small thong (light blue and white strips. if you must know) and a couple of really soft boyshorts, and decided to check out. but ONCE AGAIN, buying JUST underwear is really embarrasing, so I found a six dollar tank and paid for my shit and headed toward the car. WHEN I remembered I forgot my jacket in the apple store. great.
I walk into the apple store, see the guy that wanted my number, and make my way to my jacket. he comes up to me and is like "ha, you just can't resist me, can you?" I say (being all witty and charming) "don't flatter yourself, I only came back for my jacket" he laughes and points at my gap bag "whatcha buy?" and before I can answer, he opens the fucking gap bag and takes a good look at mah thongs. awesome. he cracks up and says "oh! ahaha, sorry. I didn't know-" I'm like "AHAHAA, ITS FINE...." and wave goodbye and go home.......

and thats my day so far.


Today we celebrate Will Smith and his daring rescue of earth. Thank you Mr. Smith for being the man and owning those aliens.

I stole that last bit from my friend, Joe.

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