Tuesday, June 30, 2009


you have no idea how long it took me to think of a clever title for this post. as you can see, I gave up. I went camping with emily, and my sister and her friend, Shayna (who I adore, by the way) at first i thought it was going to completely suck. bad. we get to soda pop coca cola spring lake or-whatever-its-called and its compoletely crwded with fat hicks, and skanky mexican people. not my cup of tea. NOT THAT I HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST MEXICAN PEOPLE. just not my thing. and the area we're allowed to swim in is about the size of a small swimming pool. also not what I was expecting. Emily and I found out that you could rent paddle boats and kayaks and canoes right next to this pond that we were at. so we walked for a lil bit and BAM. BAM BAM BAM. yes. its was, in fact. A LAKE. and a pretty lake. with pretty people. and a boat rental. Emily and I bought out 1 hr. Kayak ride and started our adventure. at first, it was just nice, I got some okay pictures and the water was nice and we flirted with this one loser who was fishing and kept cathing crabs or lobsters or something, and then emily got the idea to get out of the kayak and swim around. SHE IS FUCKING BRILLIANT. we got out and got some oh so awesome pics. like for realz. I was freaking ut the entire time about my $500 + camera being less than a centimeter away from the water, but it all worked out. :D we did this for eight hours straight (taking water pictures) and then decided it was time for dinner back at the camp site. everyone else had beans and hot dogs (ew?) and I just had veggies and fruit and beans. because remember? vegetarian. marshmallow roasting was fun too. oh, this group of trashed 20 yr old guys asked us to take a couple of obscene pictures of them. then gave us thier e-mail so we could send the pics to them. thier e-mail was countchuckle@yahoo.com. go spam them.

and by the by. yes. that is a picture of me from the camping trip


  1. hahahahahah
    ohhh boy. first of all,
    the pictures of those guys were not obscene.
    annnd second of all
    SPAM THE HELL OUTTA THOSE PIRATES! seriously people, just email them some random crap, it doesn't have to be relevant, just make sure the subject line is "ARRRRR".