Sunday, June 14, 2009

carnivals suck.

I went to the carnival tonight, and it SUCKED. like really sucked, i dunno, the whole atmosphere was just, ugg, smelly ugly filthy scammers. like all of the vendors and ride technician people had no teeth and they were old and had bruises and cuts on their faces, like they brawled every night, and not that thats not bad ass, it is, just not if your a middleaged fat old lady. no offense, but no wonder you have that job, like this one lady who was "manning the fun house" kept yelling at the kids, no lie, and I mean full on yelling, like it was evident she hated her life. helpful hint, when you hate your life and your job and yourself, don't show it, silently change everything you don't like about yourself, (of course be safe about it, don't starve yourself if you think your fat, just go to the goddamn gym and eat healthy) and maybe console in a really close friend wh oyou know would'nt leave you for the world, (cough emily cough) or console in me. just hit me up on my e-mail ( and I'll totally try to help. even though I'm not so good at that. but at least I'll listen. but seriously? don't work at a carnival, it will only ruin your life, no offense to people who are/ aspire to be carnival freaks. I love you.

so emily is going to Las Vegas/San Diego tomorrow, which leaves me all by myself for a week. I'll probably just go to the gym/yoga class every day that I don't work. or ride my bike if its nice out, which lately, it hasn't been.
oh! and I totally went shopping today, I got a dress and two pairs of shorts and an ugly white t-shirt for work. I'm definitely ready for traverse city, Michigan, for those of you who haven't been, go. downtown is amazing and its the best place ever because everyone is happy and theres a beach and a zoo and tons of trees and shopping and REALLY GOOD FOOD. and I think the cherry festival is soon and that is SUPER important to them. its bigger than freaking fourth of july. so check it out.
plus, tons of babes, need I say more? and they're super friendly and helpful too ;) so go. fo sho.

oh shit, I totally forgot I need to buy new underwear, a bathing suit, and make-up (speaking of boys) whatever, thank jesus for target. I'll stop by there on my way to work manana.

also, I need to dye my hair, I have no idea which color, I'll prolly just do the ends though, and I was thinkin' pink or purple. advice? ideas?
whatever, love you.


  1. duuuuude. haha this is hilarious. :D

    and I'm totally loving it in SanDiego, I hope you're enjoying the weather in CO (I heard it started getting nice all of a sudden?)
    annnnndd I hope you have as good of a time in Michigan as I'm having here. But hopefully with more luck with the *pact*. haha :D

    love you. see you in a weekish.

  2. glad you like the post stranger.