Thursday, June 11, 2009

not-so-infinite playlist

so, I've been getting extremely attached to music lately, so I thought I'd make a playlist of some of my favorite songs, it changes rapidly, so like emily ( I'll probably also have a mothly list of music to check out. so here it goes:

1.lake michigan-rogue wave
my friend created an entire cirque du soleil act inspired completely from this song, and thats probably enough reason for you to listen to it.

2. the girl-city and colour
This song usually makes me cry, mostly because I wish a guy loved me enough to write an entire song about me, that is just. ahh, its so. god. that's just fucking awesome. kay? and seriously, one of the lines (actually, its repeated a ton of times) is "thats why I wrote this song to sing, my beautiful girl" like, thats just so gorgeous.

3. your english is good-tokyo police club
alright, I am a HUGE tokyo police club fan, but this song has to be my favorite. its like my theme song for summer. and the music video kicks ass too, check it out. in fact, buy every single tokyo police club song there is, because they all rock.

4. fallen snow-au revoir simone
this band is too cute. like way too precious for words. and the video for this has to be one of my fav music videos of all time because it just makes me want to go outside and relax on a raft made of twigs and just float down a river, not caring where it will take me. check them out

5.sleepyhead-passion pit
buy this song, I don't care whether or not you like it. this song ALWAYS makes me dance, if I was asleep and this song played on the radio at five AM, I would so wake up just so I could dance to it. it also has a lot of history in my life (the rescue, hunter, dancing.) fabulous song.


  1. yay! I need to make another one, even though I just did this one yesterday

  2. haha I just updated mine after like a month and a half. :P