Tuesday, June 16, 2009

quadratic polynomial equation? whatthehell?

test on quadratics.
fuck my educational career/life

hopefully, I will never have to know how to do this shit ever again.
its hard and lame and stupid. (kind of like boys)
allow me to correct myself, SOME boys.

well Emily is in San Diego, probably having the best time of her life on the beach, boogie boarding and flirting and whatnot.
which reminds me of the bet we made with eachother,
well its not really a bet.
its more of an agreement.
well while shes in cali, she has to meet a reasonably cute guy and hit on him, and same for me in Traverse, rules are:
-you aren't allowed to have previously known him
-you HAVE to get a picture with him, preferrably both on your cell and your camera
-don't get rejected (hopefully)
-you have to use a pick-up line, it doesn't have to be cheesy though, a simple "so, are you single?" will suffice.
-(this is sort of a given) you have to spend a certain amount of time completely alone with him. whether its a quiet walk down the beach, or lunch in a quaint little cafe. you gotta do it.

so it should be fun, after we both get back from our trip, we'll hang out at either tattered cover bookstore or tres jolie (tea cafe/shop) and exchange stories. because you know whatever happens will be fucking hilarious, especially if we get rejected every time (which of course, we won't because we're fucking gorgeous... when we try, well actually, she doesn't even have to try, she's always pretty no matter what. but I have to try, if you've ever seen me at 2-10 in the morning, you'll know)


  1. aleexxxxxxx. haha youuuu need to stop telling the world that I'm pretty. Because one day they will realize that you're lyyyiinnggg. haha and you are freakin gorgeous, even if you won't admit it. I'll admit it for you: (in your voice) IM EFFIN HOT!

    I still haven't found any boyyy. I will though, god dammit. I will.

  2. wait, what does "my voice" sound like?

    and you NEED to find a boy, otherwise I'll make you buy three veggie burgers, one for me, and two for you.