Friday, June 12, 2009

dj lance, I feel you.

damn, for some reason, I really just want to go clubbing right now. that sounds like SO much fun. I also want to go shopping either tonight or tomorrow. I get a paycheck today so thats GOOD. and right now I'm listening to the dyskotek version of electric feel and its amazing!

it will probably explain why the heck I can't for teh life of me stop shakin' mah booty right now, lol if you guy saw me right now, you would prolly stop talking to me, I'm like bouncing up and down in my seat and my lips are pouted out and my hips are goin crazay, lol. yeah, its official, ima dork.

and now I'm doin something silly with my hands, which is really hard to do since I'm typing this at the same time.

and now my back hurts from dancing.
who wants to go clubbing with me tonight? lol.

and now I'm listening to the reeling by passion pit, and now I want to just walk around downtown with a big boom box blasting this song

the intro is especially awesome.

so anyways, the original reason why I wanted to make a new journal:
I'm a vegetarian, heres why
the other night I had a dream that I shot, killed, and ate a poor baby deer.

I mean, c'mon, you can't tell me that you'd eat a burger after that.

maybe a garden burger though.

man. I cannot get enough o' this dancin' music.

aaand its hailing, aaaand now its raining.

well whatever, thats fine, not really, if anyone wants to hang, text me or comment.

oh! b4 you leave (idk why I just wrote that) check out this video/these videos! they rock fo sho! dear deer by kate micucci worst song medley by garfunkel and oates

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  1. Cripes you got a nose only a mother could love