Friday, June 12, 2009

poor choices

I really hope that someday, I don't fuck up my life as much as I fucked it up now. like, it would be freaking sweet, if I had a good life. I know the future isn't really the best place to place my better days (yes, I did steal that from a Dave Matthews song) but I can't help it, because I just can't have a good day everyday. but I wan't to.

so anyways. it'll get a lot better.
-road trip to traverse city
-camping with emily
-not being home
-not being at summer school (because remember, I fucked my life up?)
-getting my paycheck today
-blowing my pay check on clothing (hopefully this won't happen, and I can buy a slack line...)

I really only wrote this post because emily wrote a post which made me think I needed to write one...

so last night, I hung out with em and she slept over, and I sent a mean text to my sister's boyfriend (who she needs to break up with by the way, because hes a jack.) and it said :
-shutup, youre a d bag

and so she stole my phone and texts my ex-boyfriend, xavier ('member? you member. I snuck out with him a couple of times?) and she says to him
-hey hey we need to sneak out tonight and have some fun ;)
and he texts back and says:
-I thought you would never ask :)
and heres the rest of our convo.

me-uhm that was my sister
xavier-so can you?
me-no. i can't. sorry to disappoint you, pal.
xavier-darn, I'm so bored
me-fuck you
xavier- why did you say that:( meany
xavier-no I can never hang out with anyone I have sat in the house since last frieday I want to get out
me- so get out, its not my fault you sit at home all day
xavier- no everyone I hang out with has summer school so nobody can
me- so? I hang out by myself and I still have fun.
xavier-well sorry for asking to hang
me-xavier, thats bull and you and I know it
xavier- its not! I'm being for real, I wasn't even thinking about doing that other stuff
me- whatever

and then he kept texting me and I just ignored him. am I doing the right thing? wait, what I'm I thinking!? of course I am! I'm a girl and girls are always right! always. like if I told my boyfriend (I don't have a boyfriend, but pretend I do, for the sake of the example I'm trying to give/explain) that he was bad in bed and a lousy boyfriend (and of course I tell him this because theres another, better, cuter, boy that I've been eyeing) he best believe I'm right and we're prolly gonna break up.
oh yeah, I went THERE.

not really, I'm a virgin, did I mention that? you guys probably assumed. well maybe not. I'm not sure. but yeah. my sex life is non-existent (for now) but thats probably a good thing, I don't want to be a sophmore tramp. thats just... hm, thats not bueno.

well hopefully I will go shopping tomorrow. hopefully. because I need shorts and skirts and sandals and fringe. desperately.

hm, I feel like revealing a really secretive special secret right now.
and I will

so boys are amazing right? right. so I have some things to tell you about them.
most boys (stupid boys) think they can get away with anything, like looking down your shirt and not getting caught. and they think they're really amazing at not getting caught. its your responsability to correct them. and maybe you shouldnt be wearing such low cut shirts anyways, you whore, got, go put a turtle neck on, jesus. (I'm one to talk. but I try to make it look not skanky. YOU yeah you. you make it look skanky)

that wasn't really a secret. whatever.
love you.


  1. ohmygodyou'retotallyright., girls ARE always right. I was starting to wonder why no guys had a clue whatt I was talkin about, I realize now that it's because I'm so right and they're too wrong to even understand. XD

  2. Wow you are a loser. First, you date people named Xavier, secondly you're so retarded that summer school is necessary, you post people's email addys that you don't even know, get involved in business that isn't yours, and have never had an orgasm-be it self induced or donated. My neighbor's dog is a better time to chill with compared to your self absorbed dumbass